Jasmin Will Inspire and Empower Your Audience

Jasmin is a sought after national speaker that reaches the hearts of every audience she speaks to. Her expertise involves the HIV/AIDS population, Opioid Addiction, and Cultural Diversity. She will leave your audience empowered to provide the best patient-centered care or inspired to create a career of excellence.


Beyond the Elementary Concepts of HIV/AIDS

CE Credits: 1-4 hours


  1. Recognize the fundamentals and recent developments of HIV/AIDS care.
  2. Identify the implications of HIV/AIDS and frequently encountered comorbidities.
  3. Discuss the importance of blood analysis results and clinical treatment.

The Future of Diversity in Dentistry

CE Credits: 1-3 hours


  1. Define diversity and its contribution to the patient perception.
  2. Discuss unique subsets of the populations that are often overlooked.
  3. Identify strategies that will promote cultural and linguistically competent care.

Think Beyond the Prophy: Probing the Depths of Excellence

CE Credits: 1-3 hours


  1. Identify the current roles of the 21st-century dental hygienist.
  2. Identify new and current technology to enhance your clinical practice.
  3. Explore new and innovative ideas in the dental industry.

It Takes A Village: Opioid Addiction and The Dental Professionals Role

CE Credits: 1-3 hours


  1. Recognize current trends and most commonly used drugs.
  2. Identify programs utilized in some states to save lives.
  3. Recall the protocol for the administration and delivery of Naloxone

Beyond the Prophy is an approved CE provider by the American Academy of Dental Hygiene, Inc. and Academy of General Dentistry

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"Great course and speaker. I wish it was mandatory for all clinicians."

"Definitely a great class. Very informative for either those that know about the topic and do not know about the topic. Jasmin was a great speaker and encourage questions and made the environment open and comfortable."

"Loved the interactive texting. She made us very comfortable discussing this topic and handled awkward questions and comments with great tact! Great job!"

"Great speaker! Most interesting and enthusiastic of the entire weekend. Easy to listen to"

"Great, enthusiastic speaker. Passionate about her subject matter."

"Your CE on Opioids was prob the BEST course I have taken in my 18 yr career. So much informative info, your interaction just MADE IT, and the emotional level you left us with. Most everyone in that room prob has been affected by the effects of drugs or overdose by someone in there family/community. Keep Living your Dream. You're doing Awesome things In peoples lives"


2018 Speaking Schedule

01/26/2018- Wichita Dental Hygienists' Association, Speaker, Wichita, Kansas

01/31/2018- University of Maryland, Jacques Initiative, Baltimore, Maryland, Speaker, Topic: HIV 101

02/01/2018- University of Maryland, Jacques Initiative, Baltimore, Maryland, Speaker, Topic: HIV 101

03/10/2018- Beyond the Prophy Presents, CE Event, Host

03/16/2018- Custom Dental Solutions CE Event, Speaker, Wisconsin, Topic: HIV, Opioid Addiction, and Cultural Diversity

4/27/2018- Nebraska Dental Hygiene Association Annual Conference, Speaker, Omaha, Nebraska, Topic: Opioid Addiction and Think Beyond the Prophy

05/11/2018- Howard University, Keynote Speaker, Make an I.M.P.A.C.T

05/12/2018- Beyond the Prophy Presents, CE Event, Host

06/20-25/2018- ADHA Annual Conference, Speaker, Columbus, Ohio, Topic: Opioid Addiction

7/11-14/2018- National Dental Hygienists Association, Speaker, Topic: Opioid Addiction

7/26/2018- University of Maryland, Midtown Campus, Speaker, HIV 101 Workshop

08/1-3/2018- RDH Under One Roof Conference, Speaker, Washington, DC, Topic: Opioid Addiction

8/20/2018- Comissioned Corps of the US Public Health Service New Officer Training, Speaker, Opioid Addiction

8/27/2018- University of Maryland, School of Medicine, Speaker, Preparing the Future HIV 101

8/31/2018- University of Maryland, School of Medicine, Speaker, Preparing the Future HIV 101

9/5-6/2018- University of Maryland, School of Medicine, Speaker, Preparing the Future HIV 101 Course

9/29/2018- DCDHA, Speaker, Alexandria, Virginia, Topic: Cultural Diversity

10/05/2018- Wisconsin DHA Indigo Conference, Speaker, Topic: Diversity and Opioid Addiction

10/11/2018- Western Shore Dental Hygienists' Association, Maryland, Topic: Think Beyond the Prophy: Probing the Depths of Excellence

10/12-13/2018- 2nd Annual Think Beyond the Prophy Conference, Speaker and Host, Catonsville, MD

10/19/2018- Missouri Dental Hygienists Association, Panelist

10/26-27/2018- Colorado Dental Hygienists Association, Denver, Colorado, Topic: Opioid Addiction

11/09/2018- Delta Dental Minnesota, Speaker, Topic: Opioid Addiction

11/13/2018- Northwest Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, Atlanta, Georgia, Speaker, Topic: Opioid Addiction

01/16-18/2019- Howard Community College, Local Anesthesia for the Dental Hygienist, Lead Instructor

01/25-26/2019- Voices of Dentistry- Podcast Summit 2019, Exhibitor

2/22/2019- University of Bridgeport, Fones School of Dental Hygiene, Speaker, Board Review

03/12/2019- Princeton Study Club, Speaker, Topic: Opioid Addiction

04/11/2019- Western Shore Dental Hygienists' Association, Maryland, Topic: Opioid Addiction

Jacques Initiative Community HIV/HCV Outreach, 3rd Tuesday of Each Month, Speaker and Educational Consultant



The University of Maryland, School of Dentistry, Plus Clinic
Hagerstown Community College, Dental Hygiene Program
Maryland Dental Hygienists Association
Delaware Dental Hygienists Association 
Manor Care Nursing Home
Smiles at Sea Nursing
American Dental Hygienists Association Annual Conference
 University of Maryland, School of Medicine, Jacques Initiative 
Beyond the Beltway Dental Hygienists' Association
Howard County Dental Hygienists Association
Southern Maryland Dental Hygienists' Association
Connecticut Dental Hygienists Association
Pennsylvania Dental Hygienists' Association Annual Session
Pennsylvania Dental Hygienists' Association SouthEastern Component 
Washington Frederick Dental Hygienists' Association
 Wichita Dental Hygienists' Association

National Dental Hygienists' Association Annual Conference

* Beyond the Prophy® LLC is an approved CE provider by the American Academy of Dental Hygiene, Inc. *


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