Think Beyond the Prophy: Christie Lincoln, RDH

This month's February Think Beyond the Prophy feature is Christie Lincoln, RDH. February is children's dental health month. There is no better advocate for children than the dental hygienist and particularly the MOMgienist. Take some time to connect and get to know Christie, the owner of the blog Your Smiling Hygienist and co-host of the MOMgienists Podcast. 

She studied at Cape Cod Community College's dental hygiene program and  completed her degree in 2001. She has worked in private practice ever since and has loved every minute of clinical hygiene. Five years after hygiene school she began her journey as a MOMgienist.

One significant highlight of her career is working for a dentist that became more of a mentor than her employer. That dentist entrusted her with investigating and implementing the latest and greatest of dental hygiene.  Christie experienced governing her own dental hygiene practice within the confines of her mentor's business.  She...

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Think Beyond the Prophy: Creating A Dental Product

This installment of Think Beyond the Prophy features Alex Uruburo, BS. Alex is a dental assistant and has served in the U.S. Navy. Since his time in the service, Alex has worked in a private dental practice in Washington, D.C, earned his degree in Business Administration, and is the Founder of Edalu Products LLC. 

Coupled with his passion for innovation and his business savvy he created Edalu Products LLC. He has gained much value and excitement in manufacturing and distributing his own product. He hopes that dental professionals will make the Tapkin the standard of care in clinical practice.


One of the biggest highlights of his career is the invention of the Tapkin®.  The Tapkin is a patented disposable dental bib design with a strap and adhesive tab. It eliminates the need for reusable chains or messy disposable holders and reduces cross contamination.

How did Alex find the courage to explore this side of dentistry? How does he think beyond the prophy?...

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Think Beyond The Prophy: HYGIENE EDGE

This month's Think Beyond the Prophy feature are the creators of HYGIENE EDGE! These "hygienistas" have blown me away with their innovative approach to educating hygienists. They are the real deal and seek to serve all hygienists. I appreciate their positive nature and what they have to offer our profession. Read on and be inspired to Think Beyond the Prophy. So whose ready to be a "hygienista"?


We four dental hygienists (Shelley, Melia, Candi and Jessica) are founders of the company Hygiene Edge, LLC. We are not a consulting group, just dental hygienists wanting to see other hygienist be successful. In short, we create helpful videos for dental professionals that are availalbe on our SITE  or YouTube channel HERE.   We nicknamed ourselves “The Hygienistas” which is by definition is a dental hygienist who makes other dental hygienists better.

What does HYGIENE EDGE provide?

We demonstrate the basic and advanced skills of...

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Recap: 2016 RDH Under One Roof

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2018

The 2016 RDH Under One Roof , took place July 27-July 30 , at the stunning Gaylord National Convention in Oxon Hill, Maryland. It was the first time I attended the RDH Under One Roof (UOR) conference and it certainly will not be the last! The most challenging part of my experience was traveling back and forth from Baltimore to DC. No one likes DC traffic but my experience at RDH UOR was worth every second of being cut off while driving (Smiles).

My experience began on Thursday when I attended the workshop "Let's Learn Lasers" presented by Angie Mott, RDH and Jeanette Miranda, RDH.  Both speakers were very knowledgeable about laser implementation in practice and their use for optimal tissue resolution. I enjoyed my time during the course and especially liked the hands-on activity.  It was a six-hour course that presented the challenging science behind lasers, safety precautions during use, and implementation for clinical practice. The use of lasers to treat periodontal...

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"Hope is the power that gives a person the confidence to step out and try."- Zig Ziglar

Here I go again! When I started this career I was a fresh sprout just 21 years old. Ready to conquer the world. Had minimal distractions and could live my life the way I wanted. Fast forward to 2016, I've welcomed the most powerful testimonies of my strength as a woman, my children. Within that I had to learn to balance my career goals and personal life. It is still a struggle but what pushes me on is the unwavering support I receive from my husband and children.

However, there is a side of me that feels disappointed at times. I know, I KNOW, it's just the achiever in me! I've embarked TWICE on the journey of completing my master’s degree. There were several things that held me back. It wasn't that I was incapable of handling the work. I was tired, had too much on my plate, lost my mother in death, wasn’t fully committed to the program and ultimately just didn't have the motivation...

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Dear Future Self

in the beginning Jan 05, 2018

What would you want to say to your future self?  What is it that you want to remember? Who do you want to be? What lessons would you want to learn?

Yesterday, I received a letter that I wrote to myself, November 22, 2015, at 12:34 pm. It was required for all Unleashing Your Potential attendees.  Never, ever, EVER did I imagine that my future self would be where I am today. I am more conscious, aware and intentional with every step that I take. Trying to live true to my most authentic self. This process all began because the American Dental Hygienists' Association saw potential in me. My membership has meant more to me than I could have ever imagined. I will write more on this topic in future posts.

I am writing this impromptu blog because I was touched by the letter that I wrote to myself. I highly recommend that all professionals write a letter to themselves, journal or meditate! If we are to reach our patients and the community beyond the prophy we first need to...

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Podcast Episode 11: Satisfy Your RDH Wanderlust with Kate Crouse and Amber Westfall, RDH of Team Placement

#thinkbeyondtheprophy Nov 29, 2017



Have you heard of a travel nurse? Did you know that a travel RDH program exists? Meet Kate Crouse the Dental Travel Coordinator at Team Placement and Amber Westfall, RDH, a current RDH in the travel program.

It was awesome getting to know Kate and Amber. We hit it off right away and the program they offer is one not to be missed!! Educators and RDHs share this episode with anyone you know!

Listen in to hear about this innovative program and how you could possibly participate if you are ready to expand your clinical practice.


Topics we discuss:

  • Meeting Team Placement
  • How Team Placement started
  • How the Travel program has grown
  • The right RDH characteristics for this program
  • Qualifications needed to apply
  • Qualities of a traveling RDH
  • How many RDHs in this proram?
  • How many RDHs are they looking for?
  • The length of the program and terms.
  • Full housing and board for candidates who are accepted!
  • Maintaining career satisfaction with a program like this
  • ...
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Podcast Episode 10: Servant Leadership through Mission Trips with Dorothy Ferreira, RDH, and Mary Jensen, RDH

Uncategorized Nov 23, 2017

Meet Dorothy Ferreira, RDH and Mary Jensen, RDH!  Incredible leaders in our profession that lead from the heart. They are both very active with Alliance for Smiles and have volunteered their time in international mission trips.

The key takeaway from this interview: Servant leadership by providing care to those who truly need it brings great meaning, joy, and satisfaction to your life. Learn how this has helped Dorothy and Mary find career excellence and satisfaction in their professional journey. 

Thank you for being on the show! 

Topics we discuss:

  • Having dissatisfaction in your career
  • Finding inspiration in DH discussion forums
  • Distractions from social media and finding inspiration through it
  • What has kept them motivated
  • Alliance for Smiles
  • Volunteering helps bring joy and satisfaction to your personal and professional life
  • Working with people when they are most vulnerable
  • Jasmin chokes on gumbo
  • Make it less about you
  • Interprofessional collaboration
  • Keep...
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Podcast Episode 9: You Are Credible: Believe in Yourself, Have Confidence, and Take Risks.

Uncategorized Nov 15, 2017



Meet Ellie Naderi, RDH!  She is a powerhouse leader in a DSO organization. Currently, she is the Senior Vice President of Dental Hygiene Operations and has held roles as an educator, in corporate sales, and in business management leadership.

Jasmin enjoyed learning about her journey. The key takeaway from this interview: You are credible and you must believe in yourself, have confidence, and take risks. Ellie emphasized that you can develop the business acumen you need over time to fulfill your goals. Learn how this has helped Ellie in her professional journey and why it has brought her career satisfaction. 

Thank you for being on the show! 

Topics we discuss:

  • How Ellie became a dental hygienist
  • Childhood experience with Dentistry
  • Experience as a dental hygiene student
  • How her table clinic presentation made an impact in her career
  • Think outside of the box
  • Working with a reputable Pharma company
  • Finding an opportunity in corporate sales
  • Taking...
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Podcast Episode 8: Pushing Through the Highs and Lows with Jill Meyer-Lippert

Uncategorized Nov 08, 2017


It was an honor and privilege to sit and speak with Jill Meyer-Lippert. She is a clinician, writer, speaker, business owner, and advocate for patients undergoing treatment for cancer.

Jasmin enjoyed learning about her journey. The key takeaway from this interview: Push Through the Highs and Lows when pursuing your passion aka pushing through business owner manic depression :). Learn how this has helped Jill in her professional journey and why it has brought her career satisfaction. 

Thank you for being on the show! 


Topics we discuss:

  • Her journey into dental hygiene
  • What led to her interest in oncology
  • Personal topic leads to passion
  • Taking a leap of faith in starting a business
  • Business owner depression
  • Don't quit your day job
  • Find your niche
  • The services Side Effect Support Provides
  • Providing supportive services for patients
  • Having supporters
  • Turn excitement into fear
  • Giving your first CE course
  • Keeping a positive mindset
  • Practicing...
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