Podcast Episode 2: RDH On A Mission with Jennifer Hasch, RDH, BS

podcasts Sep 27, 2017



This podcast is dedicated to empowering the dental professional to seek career excellence.

Join us in this movement and gain professional freedom along the way! We are here to support your journey.

Meet Jennifer Hasch, RDH, BS! Learn about her career trajectory and how she thinks beyond the prophy!

What you'll hear:

  • Jennifer's journey in public health
  • The power of showing up
  • Membership in your professional association
  • Serving others and volunteering your time
  • Persistence and Finding your why


Featured book:

Start With Why by Simon Sineck

Where to find Beyond the Prophy:

Website: www.beyondtheprophy.com
Facebook: @beyondtheprophy
Instagram: @beyondtheprophy
Apple Podcast: @beyondtheprophy
Google Play: @beyondtheprophy


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Think Beyond the Prophy: August Feature on RDH E-Village Jennifer Hasch, RDH

For this installment of Think Beyond the Prophy, we are highlighting Jennifer Hasch, RDH, BS. Jennifer is an RDH on a mission for public health advocacy. She is a graduate from University of Louisville School of Dentistry, a public health dental hygienist at a federally qualified health center, and hygiene coordinator for an outreach charity clinic.

Click here to read more.


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Episode 45: Listen When Someone Taps You On Your Shoulder with Marion Manski, RDH

momgienists Sep 18, 2017

Christie and Jasmin had the privilege to interview Maryland's own rock star educator Marion Manski, RDH. We thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and was inspired by all she has done for our profession here in our state and what she will continue to do in the future. Marion shapes the future of dental hygiene as the director of the University Of Maryland, School of Dentistry, Dental Hygiene Program. She is the 2017 ADHA Irene Neuman Award Recipient.

Marion is a powerhouse focused on excellence and innovation. She sheds light on motherhood, going to school while raising a family and the future of our profession. Hear more of her unique story in dental hygiene and be prepared to be empowered!


Thank you for being on the show! 

Topics we discuss:

  • Her journey into Dental Hygiene
  • Being a clinician and transitioning into Academia
  • Raising two children while attending school
  • How advancing her degree helped her career
  • Being a member of your professional association
  • Advocacy...
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Episode 44: Take the Initiative and Don't Be A Victim with Charlotte Stirk, RDH

momgienists Sep 12, 2017

Christie and Jasmin had the privilege to interview the fearless Charlotte Stirk. We thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and was inspired by all of the pearls that Charlotte shared during the interview. 

Charlotte is a single mom that has taken her career by the collar and has built a brand surrounded by her intelligence, wit, and technology savviness.  Hear more of her unique story and how she handles the challenges that arise in life.

Thank you for being on the show! 

Topics we discuss:

  • Why the MOMgienists love Charlotte
  • Being an introvert
  • Being a mom and handling mixed emotions
  • How she became a RDH
  • What she is currently up to: Freelance blogging and web design
  • Being a single mom and going through a divorce
  • No excuses
  • Transitioning into single parent hood
  • Goals for the future
  • Handling the Day to day and the hope that things will get better
  • Why she started to branch outside of clinical practice

Find Charlotte's Website here: Click Here

Contact Charlotte...

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Episode 43: Be Open to the Possibilities with Michelle Barrios, RDH

momgienists Sep 05, 2017

The MOMgienists podcast is on location at the RDH Under One Roof Conference. Jasmin had the opportunity to interview Michelle Barrios, RDH.  She enjoyed getting to know this MOMgienist and hearing the journey she is embarking on in her professional career. 

Michelle is a positive and passionate dental hygienist that explores her goals and interests in the future. Hear more of her story into dental hygiene and how she maintains her passion in dental hygiene.  


Thank you for being on the show! 

Topics we discuss:

  • Thoughts on Chicago and RDH UOR
  • Providing Local Anesthesia
  • How she came into dental hygiene
  • Mother of two girls
  • Young Dental Clinical Rep and her future goals
  • Trying new things while being a mom
  • Going back to school while raising a family
  • Leadership in dental hygiene
  • Passion in dental hygiene

Contact Michelle here: michelle2rdh@gmail.com

Featured book:
Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

Where to find MOMgienists:
Facebook: @MOMgienists

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Podcast Episode 3: The Biggest Asset For You Is Your Curiosity with Dr. Nancy Burkhart

podcasts Sep 04, 2017



It was an honor and privilege to sit and speak with Dr. Nancy Burkhart. She is an oral pathology expert, a columnist for RDH magazine, international speaker, textbook creator, and one of the 2017 Award of Distinction recipients.

Jasmin enjoyed learning about her journey. The key takeaway from this interview: the biggest asset in your journey is CURIOSITY. Learn how this has helped Nancy in her professional journey and why it has brought her career satisfaction. 

Thank you for being on the show! 


Topics we discuss:

  • Her journey as an RDH and moving across states
  • Taking your time during your educational advancement
  • Having degrees outside of dentistry
  • Her interests in oral pathology and completing her Doctorate degree
  • Writing a Textbook
  • Taking the initiative and creating your opportunities
  • Do what you love the money may not always follow
  • Going through the Tony Robbins program
  • Walking through fire and moving forward in life
  • Making the resolve to have...
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Episode 40: Work Life Balance with MOMgienist Ashley McCauley, RDH

momgienists Aug 22, 2017

Christie and Jasmin had the privilege to interview the AMAZING Ashley McCauley. We thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and was inspired by all of the pearls that Ashley shared during the interview. 

Ashley is a rock star hygienist who has taken her career to heights of excellence while maintaining work/life balance. Hear more of her unique story into dental hygiene and how she maintains her mindset while juggling multiple things.  

Thank you for being on the show! 

Topics we discuss:

  • The podcasts she listens to
  • How she came into dental hygiene
  • Growing up in a Saw Mill family and learning to walk on STILTS!
  • Being in a Guinness World Record Holding family
  • How Stilts lead to Dental Hygiene
  • Hygiene Career and Being a Mom
  • The various roles she has in dental hygiene
  • Being a consultant with Custom Dental Solutions. Challenges and highlights.
  • Work/Life Balance: Biggest Tips
  • Miracle Morning: Meditation, Running, Gratitude Journal
  • Having a supportive husband
  • ...
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Episode 38: Trudy Koepsell, RDH: MOMgienist Who Lives A Mission Full Life

momgienists Aug 09, 2017

This week Jasmin is on location at the ADHA conference. She had the privilege to interview the Dental Clinic Manager at the Mission Outpost Dental Clinic in Minnesota. Meet Trudy Koepsell, RDH!

Trudy is a caring and passionate dental hygienist that has lived a career focused on giving back. She shares her journey into dental hygiene and how volunteering has led to her current role. She also shares her personal journey as a 10-year breast cancer survivor.

Thank you for being on the show! You are a true gem in dental hygiene. Don't forget to like her organization on Facebook!

Topics we discuss:

  • How she became a RDH
  • Being an empty nester
  • 36 years of marriage!
  • Breast Cancer Diagnosis
  • Quitting Clinical
  • Volunteering with Mobile Dental Van
  • Being the Dental Clinic Manager at a non-profit organization
  • Her typical day/week
  • Working Class poor
  • How to prepare for an opportunity in management
  • Networking
  • The ADHA conference
  • The importance of ADHA membership
  • Being a MOMgienist and...
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Think Beyond the Prophy: July Feature on RDH E-Village-Shanice Miller, RDH, BS

Our July feature is Shanice Miller, RDH, BS! Are you ready to professionally retire?

Thank you Shanice for sharing your professional journey!

Click HERE for the July Feature!!

Educationally yours,
Jasmin Haley

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Episode 37: India Chance, RDH; MOMgienist Go-getter: Persistence is the Key

momgienists Jul 31, 2017

Christie and Jasmin were over the moon when they interviewed fellow Marylander India Chance. We loved talking with her and we are sure you will enjoy hearing her journey. Meet India Chance, RDH, BS!

India is a go-getter and forward thinker. Since the beginning of her career in dentistry, she had the drive, ambition, and passion to think outside of the box. Not only is India an exceptional clinician (the MOMgienists can attest to that), she is a passionate educator. She shares her incredible journey and pearls of wisdom she has learned along the way. She is an awesome homeschooling mom that has created a business focused on safety culture.

Check out her business and when you are in need for your OSHA update or CPR, Learn 2 Prevent is the place to go!


Topics we discuss:

  • How we met India, MD stand up!
  • India's career in dentistry
  • India reaching out of the op
  • Interviewing while pregnant
  • Working in Corporate
  • Entrepreneurial mindset: "out-of-the-box thinking"
  • "Board of...
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