Episode 7: Native American Heritage Month and Family Values

momgienists Nov 25, 2016

November is a time of reflection, gratitude, and family values. Did you also know that November is Native American Heritage Month?  Co-founder, Christie, is Wamponoag and for this month we decided to share her beautiful heritage and values. Jasmin has learned so much from Christie over the years. Hear her unique story and commemorate this month by opening the dialogue about the valuable role Native Americans have contributed to each of our personal heritages. 


Learn more about what we discuss:


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Think Beyond the Prophy: Stephanie Amey, RDHAP, BS

The think beyond the prophy feature began August 2016 and I have had so much fun connecting with amazing professionals all over our country. My mission was to inspire and empower the readers of my blog but I often find myself feeling the same way after communicating with these professionals.

Think beyond the prophy is so much more than getting outside of the operatory. Thinking beyond the prophy is taking an out-of-the-box approach with providing care whether that be as a clinician or seeking alternative forms of practice such as entrepreneurship, academia, corporate sales, or research.

In our careers, we will have several transitions or chapters in our lives. The first transition in our professional career is the successful completion of dental hygiene school. What a sign of relief! It was one of the hardest periods of our lives but we made it through. Throughout your career you may find that you will go through varied transitions but never forget to explore your fullest potential....

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Episode 6: Teach Me Dental Fundraising Event: We are NOT "just" a Dentist.

momgienists Nov 19, 2016

MOMgienists Christie and Jasmin discuss their attendance and travel to the Inaugural Teach Me Dental Fundraising event, Reframed. Learn why Jasmin can never be late to events and how Christie handled her with a "smile".

The mission of Teach Me Dental is very much needed in our industry. Hear how it closely relates to the same struggles of recognition for the dental hygiene profession. 

Teach Me Dental's mission is to educate and elevate the public perception and value of oral health. It was created to address the dental health crisis by reframing the conversation about the importance of oral health. The non-profit's founder is Dr. Hazel Glasper, owner of Revive Dental. Learn more about this organization at www.teachmedental.com.  


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Episode 5: Come on Baby Light My Fire: Passion in Dental Hygiene...How do you get it back?

momgienists Nov 15, 2016

When we graduated dental hygiene school we were filled with excitement as we embarked on our new careers. Over time we all have experienced the lack of enthusiasm for our profession for various reasons including burnout, low wages, decreased clinical opportunities, difficult work environments, and etc. Listen to Christie and Jasmin review an awesome article that provides several steps to reignite your passion in dental hygiene. After listening, let us know what you think should be added or omitted from this list!!

Read the awesome article here: Fuel the Fire: 8 ways to help reignite your passion for dental hygiene by Nadine Russell

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Episode 2: Volunteering at Mission Of Mercy and National Dental Hygiene Month

momgienists Nov 15, 2016

MOMgienists Christie and Jasmin discuss their first experience volunteering and providing dental hygiene services. The National Dental Hygiene Month 2016 is over! What did you do to make a difference?

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Episode 3: Guest Andrea, RDH, Surviving Dental Hygiene School as a Breastfeeding Mama

momgienists Nov 15, 2016

Surviving dental hygiene school is one of the most challenging experiences any person can go through. Imagine completing school while juggling the responsibilities as a mom! What if you coupled that with being a breastfeeding mother? Our Guest Andrea, RDH is a total rockstar and she made it through. Listen to her interview with Jasmin and see what she shares. This will surely motivate and inspire all MOMgienists.

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Episode 4: Veganism, Carrie Underwood, and Fat Pants

momgienists Nov 15, 2016


Momgienists Christie and Jasmin discuss veganism, the gorgeous Carrie Underwood, and the world of the fat pants. We can't seem to escape them! Hear our ramblings as we prepare to go to a fundraising event.

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Say What!: SAVE THE DATE!!

btp updates Nov 06, 2016


Beyond the Prophy presents......EVENTS!! We are excited to soon reveal our lineup for 2017 of amazing courses and speakers. These events will provide an engaging and empowering experience!

Registration opens January 2017!!

We hope you can attend and be inspired!

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We're Back!!!

momgienists Nov 06, 2016

Hi fellow MOMgienists!

We're back! We have changed our vlog to a PODCAST! What is a Podcast? A digital audio file that you can listen to anywhere! It's the best thing since sliced bread for busy moms like ourselves.

You can find our podcast  HERE or on iTUNES!

Guess what?? We have added an online store!!! As Christie has stated she is an artist at heart. We've got some great concepts in store which we know you will love! We are just getting started and can't wait to share more!

 For now, check out our limited edition Proud MOMgienist "mommy and me" t-shirts at our store, click HERE

Use the coupon code FIRST24 for FREE SHIPPING until November 6, 2016 at 11:59 pm.

We can't thank you all enough for supporting our friendship and podcast. We love you all and are here to support you!!


Warm Regards,

Christie and Jasmin

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National Dental Hygiene Month 2016 is almost over!


Happy National Dental Hygiene Month!

I am loving all of the hygienists that I am connecting with through this blog.

You give me the boost of energy to continue to work towards my goals. I hope that you find the RDH features equally inspirational and motivating in your professional journey! Always strive to think beyond the prophy! We are fully capable of accomplishing our goals with the courage and bravery it took to finish our dental hygiene education!

Colleagues, let me know what you like about the blog, what you would like to see more of, and what you would like to see less. I want to provide content that you can enjoy!

Thanks for subscribing and following my page. I've got some big projects that I'm working on and I can't wait to share!

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